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Come meet our WildVision 2022/23 Directors! The last year has seen the launch of our brand new, all female, Director scheme! The scheme was a hit, providing each creative with bespoke mentorship, resources, guest speaker sessions, pitching opportunities to production companies and agents, showreels filiming, shadow on set of Tiger Aspect Productions’ ‘Bad Education’. shadowing opportunity, and a Showcase of their work at Fremantle, London, to industry giants. 

Co-founder Christa Harris (Resident Director of Time Traveler's Wife Musical) says “It is with the greatest privilege to conclude our pilot WildVision Directors Scheme in association with Tiger Aspect. This scheme has platformed four brilliant female directors, to support refining their craft through on set experience and mentor lead sessions. Meghan, Monique, Tulsi and Wendy  - remember their names, they are the future.”

Co-founder Oliver Lansley (Write of award winning Amazon Prime’s FLACK) says “I am thrilled that WildVision has supported four incredibly exciting female directors from a diverse range of backgrounds. To make a change in an industry you need to start at the top - directors shape the vision, language and team behind projects. In a world that is increasingly in need of genuine diversity of thought and a re-calibration of values, these talented individuals are ready to be unleashed into the industry, and we are honoured be a small part of their journeys."


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